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This book club provided an opportunity to discuss books with authors from 2009 - 2013. I like to think we were a group of daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, well... women finding time to meet while juggling daily life.

I hope you enjoy exploring The Manic Mommies Book Club Archives. We read 46 books over the years, with audio or written author discussions for each book read documented on this blog.

~ with kindness & gratitude, Mari

Backseat Saints: Discussion Recap

Let me start this post with a story - after reading a few chapters of Backseat Saints.  I decided to download the audio book so I could listen while working in the yard. While enjoying the book I didn't realize I had disturbed a hornet's nest - I haven't been stuck since I was a young girl - ouch!

I have read all of Jackson's books, with exception of her first novel. Rose Mae is the main character in Backseat Saints and pulled forward from her Gods in Alabama. I have put this book on my hold list at the library.

We had a wonderful conversation with Joshilyn Jackson last night. If you were unable to join us, you can listen by clicking on the arrow below (you can also download to your computer/itunes by clicking on the link to the right).

This months call is edited down to just over 40 minutes:

In addition to the call, we are bringing back the online discussion for those unable to join us - or for anyone who has read the book and would like to participate.

Here are some questions to get the discussion started (answer any/all of them or simply leave a comment about your reading experience):

1. What was your overall view of the book? Did you enjoy it?

2. Discuss Rose Mae's journey and your view of her story. Did you read Gods in Alabama and remember her character?

3. Discuss the Gypsy and her role throughout the novel. Maybe Parker too, did you think he was Rose's brother?

4. What surprised you the most while reading this book?

5. It would be a disservice to not talk about the abuse (we see/read about it often on the news, in books, newspapers etc). Rose Mae's journey brings much change to her life. Do you know anyone who has escaped abuse? If yes, is there anything you can share with us?

6. Looking to the future: if Rose Mae were to appear in another novel by the author… where would you see her life (ie: in 5 years time)?

Lastly, what are you reading now?

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