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This book club provided an opportunity to discuss books with authors from 2009 - 2013. I like to think we were a group of daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, well... women finding time to meet while juggling daily life.

I hope you enjoy exploring The Manic Mommies Book Club Archives. We read 46 books over the years, with audio or written author discussions for each book read documented on this blog.

~ with kindness & gratitude, Mari

August 2010 Book Discussion: The Island

We had a wonderful conversation with Elin Hilderbrand last night. If you were unable to join us, you can listen to our discussion from the playlist located in the right column or by downloading the podcast on iTunes.

Are you looking for a good book recommendation? Elin shared some books recently read that she loved: Every Last One, A Visit from the Goon Squad , and A Friend of the Family.

In addition to the call, we are bringing back the online discussion for those unable to join us - or for anyone who has read the book and would like to participate.

Here are some questions to get the discussion started (answer any/all of them or simply leave a comment about your reading experience):

1. What was your overall view of the book? Did you enjoy it?

2.  We discussed sisters and relationships on the call, if you have a sister... did birth order play an important role in your reading experience?

3.  Did you connect with one character more than the others?  If yes, why do you think this was so.

4.  Did the book bring back memories of summer?  Anything you would like to share with us? I know some of us have had poison ivy (I can't say I have though).

Lastly, what are you reading now?

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